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3 Killer Points to Boost Your Resume by Switching Bullet Points into Stories

Most of the time, hiring managers will see what you have done– and can do for them. You’ll show how you’d improve their organizations, based on experiences you’ve done in the past. Start by framing your bigger picture before adding those smaller bullet points. Tell compelling before-and-after stories. Add the more detailed bullet points to fill in those stories. You’re

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4 Strategies to Find and Keep the Best Freelancers

Freelancers fill the gaps in your workforce as needed. Freelancing has paving its way to even becoming a more popular direction to permanent positions. You might spend weeks finding and checking the perfect writers and graphic designers, only to have them withdraw at the last second. Or brilliant talent you just landed may turn out producing uninspired bunk. The bright

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5 Helpful Tips on Finding the Best Online Job for You

Technology is rapidly changing today. Overnight polishing your resume and applying for a job does not work for most job seekers. Recruiters now a day are doing a tough search on what kind of freelancer they are going to hire for. They will make sure they’ll be hiring the best freelancers for their company. Every penny matters to most of

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The 5 Disciplines of a Customer experienced Leader

When you provide your customers with a great experience, you will attract and retains your customers as well as engage the creativity and enthusiasm of your employees. A customer will want a wireless plan, an auto insurance policy or a mortgage with a right feature at the right price but increasingly they will also expect a convenient, special experience surrounding

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Marketing Wizards: An Insider on Their Tricks

What makes a business successful is ihe scaleable and repeatable processes involved in it. A solid approach in generating consumer interest and promoting a brand would go a long way in building a profitable and sustainable company. Here, Top Marketing wizards share what their best secrets and the strategies and tips for growing their big businesses. Noah Kagan: Convert your

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